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Individual Readings and Online Mediumship Courses & Classes

This Holiday Season
30% Off!

Schedule a Reading with Kristin Davies for
yourself, friend or family member! 

Only $88
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Coming December 10th, 2023


How to Scan & Rewire Your Chakras Class

December 10th, 2023 @ 9AM PST 

Your energetic body tells a story!  

Learn how to look into your energy fields and into your chakras to learn what needs to be adjusted, removed and/or healed in order to bring you into energetic alignment. 
Helping you have a clearer connection with your Higher Self and Spiritual Team.  

Feeling more balanced, helping you activate your souls purpose!

Join Medium Kristin Davies live on camera during this class as she guides you through the following:

1 - Live Broadcast @ 9AM PST

2 - 2 Pre recorded Practice Videos 

3 - Sensing your chakra centres practice session.

4 - Cleansing and clearing, activation session

5 - Cleansing and clearing activation session - clearing old energetic debris to make room for the New Light Frequency!

6 - What is this New Light Frequency Coming to Earth?

7 - How to Replace Your Chakra Centers?

8 - What does your Higher Self want you to know about your energy body and the story it has to tell!

And So Much More...


All virtual classes are recorded so no need to be disappointed! 
You can purchase the recordings at any time. 
After p
urchasing, you can watch the class as many times as you need!

Cost is: $49


Also, check out other classes coming soon! 

And so much more!

Register online or please message me if you have any questions. 

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