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Book a Private Reading

Kristin Davies channels to assist you during a session to connect with your Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones. 

Each reading is 1 hour and is recorded and then emailed to you afterward.

Each session is $125 USD


Kristin asks that you write approximately

12 questions beforehand.

She will contact you by phone or video chat through Skype.


Please contact her if you have any further questions.


To start the process of booking a session, click Book Now.


Please read and be familiar with the Terms and Policy, listed below, before booking.






ALL times listed through calendar are in Your Time Zone.
Kristin Davies will be holding The Your Soul Contract & Reincarnation Class which starts  
March 11th, 2023.

This class will be held in a private group setting, starting with the first live broadcast at 9AM PST, and second live broadcast at 3PM PST, March 11th, 2023
Class Cost is: $69 USD  

Medium Kristin Davies will be on hand to assist you!
Students will be able to practice in the comments with medium teacher and on the group wall.   
This c
lass will be held in a private Facebook Group! 
Work around your own schedule and time zone, by catching up on pre-recorded video and reading material.  
This will be a high vibrational, fun experience!
Also, please see the many other courses and classes offered over the spring! 

Please go to Book Now to learn more!

Terms and Policy

If a client needs to reschedule: 

A reading with Kristin is meant for each client's spiritual growth and highest good. Should a client forget to attend the reading, cancel outside of the policy guidelines, miss the reading due to a booking error or for any other reason without communication, no refund will be permitted.  And then one may wish to reschedule another day and time into the future.


If no contact is made by the client within 30 minutes into the reading, Kristin will cancel the reading and no refund will be issued.


Kristin will contact each client at the time of their reading. 


24-hour notice is required in order to make accommodations to reschedule.


All readings are for entertainment purposes only.


By booking a session, you are agreeing that Kristin Davies is not responsible for how you use the information and that by the nature of spiritual contact, not all readings are 100% accurate.


Additionally, by agreeing to the terms here, and by booking a session with Kristin Davies, you are also agreeing you are 18 years of age or older and are thereby responsible for your own welfare.


Kristin Davies does not give medical advice, please seek a medical professional for advice with any health-related issues. Please follow your own internal guidance system and intuition.


Thank You.

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